BioCompression Systems, Inc.

BioCompression Systems is the leading manufacturer of pneumatic sequential compression therapy equipment
and therapeutic support surfaces. BioCompression Systems has developed a wide range of arm, leg, and shoulder
appliances to reduce edema, increase circulation, and promote wound healing. BioCompression appliances
are currently manufactured in a variety of sizes. Custom appliances of various length and widths can be designed
and delivered within a period of only two weeks.

Highly effective in treating:

Chronic and acute edema, including Lymphedema Post trauma and post paralytic edema
DVT prophylaxis
Venous insufficiency
Venous stasis ulcers
Non-healing wounds
Post-surgical lesions
Decubitus ulcers
Diabetic wounds
Amputations, Skin grafts, Burns, etc.

BioCompression Systems Products available from BioTAB Healthcare:

Sequential Circulators- The driving technology behind today’s most cost-effective, state-of-the-art
compression therapy and wound care.

BioCompress12004 Fast Cycle Sequential Circulator

  • Four Individual Chambers with gradient pressure
  • Pressure can be adjusted in chamber #1 providing gradient pressure to  chambers #2, 3, & 4






Digital 3008

ALL NEW 3008 Digital Sequential Circulator


  • Eight Individual Chambers with quick inflate cycle
  • Digital Read Out
  • Each Chamber Can be adjusted and customized depending on the patient’s specific needs
  • Eight Levels of Calibrated Gradient Pressure


Model Bio Vest


Bio Vest (Flat)











Bio Arterial Plus Sequential Circulator

  • Bio Arterial Digital Photo w-120Intermittent, Sequential, Pneumatic Compression System that sequentially compresses both the foot and calf in patients suffering primarily from diabetic foot ulcers or intermittent claudication (leg pain primarily from decreased arterial circulation)
  • Delivers bilateral pressures of 120mmHg (almost 3 times the pressure of most DVT systems) for two to three treatments per day
  • Increases arterial blood flow in both the popliteal artery and at the tissue level
  • Substantial blood flow increases were realized through duplex ultrasonic imaging of the popliteal artery following treatment with the Bio-Arterial Plus
  • Through bilateral compression, resultant evacuation of venous blood from the lower limbs,enables replacement with substantial volumes of oxygenated arterial blood.

BioComfort Appliances (garments) – Standard, Adjustable, and Custom Compression Therapy Appliances
are available for use with a variety of BioCompression Sequential Circulators.


  • Mimic the lymphatic system
  • Promotes lymphatic flow
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Moves fluid in the correct physiological direction
  • Can treat two extremities simultaneously
  • Reduces primary and secondary lymphedema, venous insufficiency, decubitus ulcers and other chronic conditions

Please contact our customer service representatives for in-depth help in selecting the correct appliance for your therapy needs.