Patient Testimonials

“If it weren’t for BioTAB and the pump, I wouldn’t be able to get down and crawl with my 7-month-old son. I work 16 hour days, and it allows me the time to come home, turn on the pump and get treatment while spending time at home with my family.”

E. Hessler Brush, Colorado

“I have tried several different pumps in the past and did not get the same results as I did with BioTAB’s lymphedema pump. It’s effective and easy to use.”

K. Ellingson Loveland, Colorado

“The pump I had previously was too difficult and time consuming to use. Fastening all of its Velcro straps made it a 2-person job. My new pump from BioTAB is so easy to use, I can do it by myself and the garments material stay much cleaner. Now I am not worried whether I am setting up everything correctly and can relax and enjoy therapy.”

M. Auten Scottsdale, Arizona

“I use my pump from BioTAB every day because it has helped my legs a lot and feels great. My legs are now, after using the pump for 2 months, back to the size they normally are, and I have not been back in to the hospital for cellulitis since. I highly recommend BioTAB.“

D. Funkauser Council Bluffs, IA

“I am very glad that the VA Hospital ordered me a pump from BioTAB. I tried a pump from another company, but the garments multiple Velcro straps required me having help. With BioTAB’s garments, I slide them on and press start on the pump. It’s really easy and it works.”

C. Blank Sioux Falls, SD

“I have a history of severe swelling in my feet and sensitive ulcers that are difficult to heal. I refused to use pumps in the past because it was too painful. But with BioTAB’s pump, they were able to make me feel comfortable. The BioTAB specialist came to my house, set up my equipment, and customized treatment by reducing pressure by my ulcers. Quality product and excellent customer service!”

O. Sell Mitchell, SD

“I had trouble with swelling in my legs for years. The VA first prescribed a pump from another company, but I couldn’t use it because the garments Velcro straps were too hard to put on. I have trouble bending over and get shortness of breath, so they ordered me a new pump from BioTAB. This one has no Velcro straps and is easy to use. Within a couple weeks, I was able to wear my shoes that I haven’t been able to in years.”

T. McCauley St. Peters, MO

“I am currently using the pump with the BioPants sleeve. I am beyond happy with the quality and ease of use. It has been very beneficial in helping to reduce the fluid in my legs and abdomen. BioTAB service was also top notch – a representative visited my home to set up my equipment and teach me how to use it. Thank you BioTAB!”

R. Padro St. Louis, MO